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Locks help secure our property and prized possessions. If your locks are outdated and not secure enough, the security of the home or office is compromised. Similarly, a key is also an essential component that allows access to only the key holders. Lock and key together offers a powerful line of defence, and it is crucial to ensure that both are functional and are in good condition.

Protect important areas with a lock & key:

Every entry point to your property must be secured with high-end locks. While it may not be visible to you, a burglar will easily identify any unsecured entry point and attempt a break-in through that. Some areas within a property that should be looked into include:

Front and back doors – These should never be left unprotected. Hire a lock & key service to analyse your security requirements and find the right locks that best suit your needs.

Patio andfrenchdoors- While these may not be the main entrance to a property, they do offer alternative entry points for burglars and must be well secured.

Garages and other areas - These places often contain expensive stuff, so it should always be secured with cutting-edge security system.

Call our lock & key specialists:

Severna Park MD Locksmith Store Severna Park, MD 410-690-3128Not many of us are keen to pay someone to guard our property while we're away. This is where investing in a high security locking system makes good sense. Our lockmasters have excellent expertise and experience to help you in all your locksmithing needs for your home or office. Our lock & keyservices include:

  • Lock installation, repair and replacement
  • New key duplication
  • Broken key extraction 

And more

We stock every type of lock:

You may not be aware of it, but there is an extensive selection of lock & key models available today. You no longer need to stick to that outdated padlock. However, with so many choices, it can be quite confusing for you to find the right one for your needs. Our lock & key service specialists have helped hundreds of customers choose the most appropriate lock for their property; they can help you too in finding the one that fits your needs best.

Looking to improve security in Severna Park, MD? Call us at 410-690-3128 to avail our lock & key service. Over the past ten years that we have been servicing customers, we have built a reputation for cost-effective, timely and high quality services.